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Offer Post Time: 2018-05-07

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Product Description

The series JBK5 machine controlling transformer is a newly developed product which is developed on the basis of JBK3 and sbsorbs the advantages of foreign one. It adapts the forejgn advanced connector end structure and make the terminal and the main body together so that the protection level reaches IP 2LX to prevent from touching the electrical equipment. Because of adapting the country's IT cool pressing wiring end, Wiring density will be improved.

Because of air protection argon arc welding the connecting of silicon steel plates and the connecting of silicon steel plates and the bottom board is very good and becomes a whole body. Especially, the bottom board is shaped once only and the installing size will be more precise than JBK3 series, And because of the good quality anticorrosive synthetic material, the connecting ground function and the quality are improved. The product can meet some international and domestic standards as VDE 0550, IEC 204-1, IEC 429, GB 5226-85, and got the CE approvl.

It is suitable for alternating current of 50-60 Hz the imput voltage of less than 550V. And the output rated voltage of less than 220V. It is for the power of operation light and indicator light of various mechanical equipment and normal electrical equipments controlling power supply program.

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